Because I’m bored, I decided to upload my favorite costumes in order from oldest to most recent.

Claire Redfield - Claire was the first costume I did after I had my daughter in 2007. I’ve loved Claire since RE2, but I didn’t care for that outfit at all, so I decided on her Code Veronica outfit. I’m really proud of the vest. It took forever to draw and paint, but it was completely worth it. I love the end result. This is the only costume that I use my own hair for.

Hanon Hosho - Hanon started off as a joke. My best friend at the time was joking when she stated that she wanted to get a big group together to do an entire MMPPP cosplay. I pointed out that we did have enough people in our immediate group that we could do this. So, we went with it. This costume was the most labor intensive costume I have to date. All the ruffles are handmade, most of the costume is hand sewn, and so many hours of blood, sweat, and tears went into making the accessories.

Duke Devlin - The costume I almost gave up on. I love Duke, in the crappy 4Kids version and the Abridged version. While I think I’m far too feminine to cosplay boys, I just had to do this. So, I got everything together, made all the jewelry, and just stared at the wig. After about six hours of literally staring and Malindachan’s Yami Yugi wig tutorial, I had this beast. I need to wear him again since Layna got me a clip on ponytail for my wig and I haven’t had a chance to wear it.

Ranka Lee - This was a birthday gift from Layna, and I adore it. It’s super comfy, super cute, and we most definitely need to get more pictures! No one else could possibly be a more fabulous Sheryl than my bestie. Plus, everyone seems to think that I pull of the moe desu character better than everyone else (even though I’m the oldest in the group).

Kurama - Kurama was a dream cosplay for me. I’ve loved him since I was 12-years-old. It’s not completely accurate because I really didn’t have any time to style the wig, but I love him anyway. It’s super comfortable. Plus, costumes that my grandmother helps me make are always special to me.

Panty (red dress) - Where do I even start with Panty? Layna got me into Panty and Stocking and said that we should cosplay them eventually. My grandmother and I made my dress and Layna’s dress, and I surprised her with it as a late birthday present. I love being Panty so much!

Panty (angel version) - This was a Christmas present to myself and Layna. I’m really hoping to wear these at a bigger con at some point because we only got to wear them on Sunday at HamaCon. The biggest pain in the ass is the shoes/leg bands. They absolutely murder my feet.

Damara Megido - My patron’s dancestor. I love being Damara more than Aradia because I’m expected to be crude and ridiculous. The only negative thing that I’ve experienced in this costume was at HamaCon when someone told me that I’d be a much better Damara if I could speak Japanese, which ticked me off. Layna also busted her ass making this costume for me. 

Alice Liddell - I’ll admit, I don’t know much about Heart no Kuni no Alice, but from the little bit that I’ve read and watched, I could tell that I act a lot like Alice. Layna wanted to wear her Peter White costume again. So, when she asked if I would do Alice to compliment it, I said yes. All of the gold designs on the dress were hand painted. The ruffles were hand folded. Layna also cranked this out in three weeks while she was working on Latula and Damara.